The San Diego Epiphyllum Society (SDES) is a non-profit 501(c)5 organization with the purpose of encouraging the study and growth of epiphyllum and related epiphytic species.  SDES works to develop public support and facilitate an exchange of ideas on growing, displaying, and collecting epiphyllums.

As part of  San Diego Safari Park, SDES's maintains an epiphyllum garden. In the past the garden was in a shade tent and only open from late spring through mid summer when the plants where in bloom. 

In 2017 this area underwent some changes  and currently those changes remain a work in progress.  The changes are designed to better integrate the display into the park. We are hopeful these changes will provide visitors with a more enjoyable year around experience.  

The epiphyllums will be displayed along a walking trail named "Epiphyllum Trail".  There will be some growing pains related to how to best maintain the plants in this new configuration.

The garden will continue to exist because of the support of volunteers who donate their time year around.

Through their efforts this garden has become the largest and finest public display of Epiphyllum in the World.

In home gardens epiphyllums are easy to grow.  They come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colors. You may grow  them in small or large containers as hanging plans or pots on the ground.

The plants require filtered light. This is most easily accomplished by hanging or placed them on shelves under patio covers, in trees or under shade cloth or lathe house.

Epiphyllums, because of their splendor, are often referred to as Orchid Cactus but most of us just call them Epies.