SDES conducts a monthly business meeting where issues required to maintain a flourishing and dynamic society are discussed.  Additionally a pre-meeting workshop provides information on growing epiphyllum.  After the meeting a speaker provides a short presentation deemed to be of interest to SDES members and guests.  

Other reasons to attend monthly meetings

Typical Monthly meeting agenda

Need to purchase gardening necessaries:

There is often a small store setup where you can purchase planting and gardening material.  This is a great place to purchase planting soil if you do not want to mix your own.  

Wear your name tag to the meeting!

At the monthly meeting there is a raffle drawing for members that have worn their SDES name tags. Two gift certificate’s are raffled off for garden related products/supplies.

Name tags can be purchased at the meetings or from the store on the website.

Use the end of meeting plant and cutting raffle to expand your epiphyllum collection.