What goes on in the Monthly Meeting?

That is a great question.

Foremost it is meeting with friends.  You make new friends as well as have a chance to visit with old friends.  All are people that you have at least one thing in common with.

There is a pre-meeting workshop that deals with seasonal issues.  The information is always timely. Issues are covered dealing with; pest control, watering, plant nutritional requirements, making cuttings, re-potting requirements and recommendations, epiphyllum habitat requirements, etc. 

Even if you do not come to the 7:00pm workshop show up a little early about 10 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start at 7:30pm.

After you sign-in you have a chance to grab a snack and something to drink and visit with others.  

Do not forget to purchase a few raffle tickets (3 for $1.00) at the raffle table. The plant and cutting raffle provides you a chance to expand your own collection of plants while tapping into one of the most extensive collections of epiphyllum in the USA.  These plants come from the Safari Park collection and from member’s personal collections.

There is often a small store setup where you can purchase planting and gardening material.  This is a great place to purchase planting soil if you do not want to mix your own.  

Then the meeting starts with each first time guest being recognized and receiving a 4 inch potted plant to start or add to their collection.

This is followed by a business meeting to deal with society business and to inform all in attendance of important issues of interest to the members.

Following we have a guest presentation on a subject the directors deem would be of interest to our members. After the presentation you will have a short time to purchase raffle tickets before the  plant and cutting raffle.  Grab some more snacks have something to drink and collect your winnings from the raffle. It is our policy that everyone will win something. No one who purchases  raffle tickets walks away without something from the table.