Benefits of Membership

The biggest benefit is becoming part of the friendliest bunch of Epiphyllum enthusiast in San Diego and attending the monthly meetings along with other functions.

Our monthly meetings start at 7:00 p.m. with a “Premeeting Workshop”. Workshop subjects deal with seasonal information to help you grow and maintain your plants.  Then at 7:30 p.m. we meet together and conduct our general business meeting. When that is completed we have a presentation that is deemed to be of interest to our society members.  The meeting ends with a plant and cutting raffle.

Just before the meeting starts everyone is given the opportunity to purchase plant raffle tickets for the end of meeting plant and cutting raffle. This raffle is a great way to expand or to launch your collection of Epiphyllums.  Also at different times during the year there will be special Epiphyllum cuttings and plants available for purchase.

Where your name tag to the meeting!

At the monthly meeting there is a raffle drawing for members that have worn their SDES name tags. Two gift certificate’s are raffled off for garden related products/supplies. Name tags can be purchased at the meetings or from the store on the website.  To access the SDES store click on the "Buy Now" button below.

As an SDES member, your benefits include:
-  Ability to partake in and help support or monthly meetings and the premeeting workshop. We are always open to guest but the supporting members make it possible.

-  Access to our lending library where you can checkout various interesting books and magazines.

-  Access to the monthly newsletter “EpiNews” both current month and previous months.  The Newsletter features photographs of epiphyllum blooms, articles of interest to epiphyllums and related epiphytic cacti gardeners, gardening tips, book reviews, upcoming Society events, and much more.

-  Discounts to some Society sponsored events such as: Photo Caravan, Holiday Installation Banquet, Etc.

-  Ability to order epiphyllum cuttings

    -  Our yearly cutting and plant sales are held in the month of MAY at different locations. We accept requests for cuttings from member only that are not able to make these sales.

    -  Written requests should be addressed to indicating Hybrid name & quantity.  All requests will acknowledge and you will be advise of availability and costs associated with your request.

Yearly Membership fees:

Single Membership $15.00

Household Membership $20.00

International Household Membership $15.00

Purchase membership name badge. 

Become a New member or Renew your membership.