There are lots of places to Volunteer in support of San Diego Epiphyllum Society (SDES).  They range from helping maintain the epiphyllum garden at Safari Park to helping with anyone of the shows and sales SDES participates in or conducts during the year. 

The Mother's Day show and sale event is SDES main public event for the year.  It is the biggest epiphyllum show and sales event in San Diego and is made possible only because of the numerous volunteers.  This is a great event to begin volunteering and supporting your San Diego Epiphyllum Society.  

In addition to the Mother's Day Sales event, we maintain a sales booth at gardening functions throughout the year and are in need of people to help in those events

Volunteering at an event for just a few hours is a big help.  Find out more about volunteering and helping your society grow and prosper.  "Mother's Day event"   -   "Sales events throughout the year"

This is a world class epiphyllum garden and require many hours of work to maintain. It is also where a lot of the cuttings and even some of the plants come from that we sell or raffle off.

The process for volunteering at the Safari Park Epiphyllum Garden is controlled by Safari Park.  However Epiphyllum Garden volunteers do have a slightly abbreviated process.   Click for more information