Honorary Life Award

Background:  SDES established an award to show appreciation to members who go above and beyond normal efforts in support of the Society and its' goals. 

Each year the Executive Board decides if an Honorary Life Membership will be awarded. 

Honorary Life Award includes a lifetime SDES membership.  Honorary Life Award is given in recognition that a member or members have consistently gone above and beyond normal efforts in their dedication and support of SDES and its’ mission.  

SDES mission statement is: "To encourage the study of epiphyllum, and to develop public support and interchange of ideas on growing, displaying and collecting of epiphyllum and its related species."

Honorary Life Membership Recipients

Roger Chapin Award (Volunteer of the Year Award)

This award was established in 2009 in memory of Roger Chapin. Roger volunteered many years at the Safari Park and served as the curator and coordinator of the epi collection for 8 years. He taught the pre-meeting workshop for several years. He shared his knowledge talking to the public at all the shows, sales, and events put on by the Society.

This award acknowledges an outstanding volunteer in SDES.  This award is given annually at the December awards banquet. 

Roger Chapin Award

Rookie of the Year Award

Background:  In 2010 SDES established this award as a way to acknowledge, support and encourage new members to become further involved in supporting SDES within the three years of becoming members. 

Rookie of the Year Award