Thank you for showing interest in volunteering to support our annual Mother's day event.

There are a number of areas where help is needed.  The major ones are listed below.  Volunteer and help make this year as successful as past years. 

Sales setup:

These are individuals that help setup the tables and arrange the event this is normally a little over one hour commitment. These individuals must be available one hour before the sale is scheduled to start.

Sales take down:

- On Saturday these are individuals that move the sales area from the larger patio into the courtyard where the sale is held on Sunday.

- On Sunday we unassemble all of the booths and take down the tables store them or stage them for loading into pickup trucks to be taken to a storage facility

Sales Host/Assistant:

- Both days these are individuals whose job it is to make shopping a pleasant experience and to invite people to check out the Sunday Flower show if they have not already done so.

- They provide direction to where things are located and advice on the care of plants.  If they are not familiar with a specific subject they direct the question to someone that is.

- Provide assistance at the checkout table or other areas when needed.

Flower Show Host/Assistant:

- These are individuals that manage the welcome table just inside the door of the flower show. They provide information on the San Diego Epiphyllum Society meetings.

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