Submission of Photographs for use by SDES.

We are constantly in search of quality photographs of Epiphyllum blooms, plants or function.  We appreciate any help we receive in this effort and we thank you for allowing us to use your photographs.

While we are not able to have you attach a photograph using this email we are able to take them off of Facebook or most other places on the web if you provide us with a link.  However using this method once in a while has a problem in that the quality of the photo is reduced enough that it becomes unusable for our purposes.  

As per our policy you will be given credit for any photographs posted on our web gallery.

Please review our photography policy guidelines.

I you are sending us a photograph via email please use your normal email provider and attach the picture.  When doing this please make sure the total size of the email is less than 10 megs.  Send as many emails as you would like to

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