Using Rooting Hormone

When rooting epiphyllum cuttings in either potting soil or perlite you have the option of using rooting hormone. Some epi growers like to use a commercial rooting hormone to try to encourage root development.

Some epi growers don’t. It’s up to you. If you like using rooting hormone, go ahead!

Make sure your cuttings have been allowed to heal over (form a callous on the cut surfaces) for around ten days to two weeks before potting them up.

Most commercial rooting hormone products come in powdered form. Just pour some out onto a saucer. You’ll also need a cup of plain old tap water. Wet your finger tip by dipping it into the water

Moisten the bottom of the cutting by transferring water onto it from your finger tip. Don’t dunk the cutting into the water. The object here is to apply just enough water to help the rooting hormone to adhere to the cutting.

Dip the moistened bottom end of the cutting into the powdered rooting hormone. Wiggle the cutting around a little bit so that the hormone adheres to both sides of the base of the cutting as well as the healed cut surface at the bottom.

This picture shows the powdered rooting hormone adhering to the bottom of the cutting. Now you are ready to pot it up!