Epiphyllum Trail at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The mission of the San Diego Epiphyllum Society (SDES) Collection at the Safari Park is to preserve the past and protect the future. We want to connect people to plants and wildlife. We do this via education about epiphytic cacti and cultivars and the environments where they grow. To facilitate this mission, we build relationships and collaboration with other people and organizations for mutual benefit.

As part of its mission SDES has maintained a display at the San Diego Safari Park since 1976, just after the park first opened. SDES has joined with the San Diego Zoo Global to educate people about the environment and habitat of the American tropics. The display is supported and maintained by SDES volunteers. The display has had many configurations and locations over the years; the Epiphyllum Trail is just the latest version. We hope you enjoy it!!

What are Epiphyllums?

How to Grow Epies

Enjoy the flowers and learn more

Become a member of the San Diego Epiphyllum Society (SDES) so you can enjoy additional benefits offered only to members.  Membership opens the door and allows you to expand your knowledge and enjoyment of these truly unique flowers.

SDES members have the opportunity to volunteer at Epiphyllum Trail helping to maintain it so others can enjoy it.  Volunteers at the Epiphyllum Trail also receive all of the benefits of volunteers at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

If you enjoyed Epiphyllum Trail and would like to help maintain it we are alway more than pleased to accept donations ​​​