Epiphyllum Convention ( EpiCon XVI )

EpiCon was held May 26, 2018 at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park ans was considered by all those in attendances to be one of the best epiphyllum conventions of all time.  We at SDES are so proud of all the members and volunteers that made this possible.

EpiCon is held every two years and is hosted on a rotational basis by one of the California epiphyllum societies.  The conference is where we meet, greet and enjoy the company of other epi enthusiasts while learning more about our favorite flower.

Speakers at EpiCon XVI were:

  • Rudolf Heßing-Herick of Germany, a World renowned epiphyllum hybridizer. 
  • Dr. Rudi Dorsch of Colorado is an epiphytic cacti species and schlumbergera expert, as well as the liaison between German and American Epiphyllum Societies.
  • Ron Crain of Chula Vista is a horticulturist, assistant curator of the Safari Park Epiphyllum exhibit and primary presenter of our workshops prior to SDES meetings. 
  • Derek Obayashi from Chicago World renowned epiphyllum hybridizer. 
  • Ulrich Haage owner of the oldest cactus nursery in Germany.
  • Jerry Moreau a horticulturist, curator of the Safari Park Epiphyllum exhibit.