There is not a lot of time remaining until October - November 2019 photography contest.  

Your epis showed their best in late spring just asking you to take a photograph of them. So be ready with your camera to capture some pictures and submit them for the Photography contest at the October meeting.  


This is a fun event.  Normally it is only epi gardeners get to show off their plants & blooms but this event lets photographs show off their favorite flowers and photographic talents the pictures entered do not have to be of your flowers you just must be the photographer and a member of SDES.

There has been a big change this year. 

In the past the time required to judge the photographs and allow viewing by members was an issue.  The time they were on open displayed so that members attending the meeting could view them was almost nonexistent.

Secondly the enthusiasm shown for using cameras or software to create artistic photographs has been noted and we are adding a category which can take advantage of that enthusiasm.

The following changes will be made for this year’s photo contest.

  • Additional time will be allocated for the viewing and judging of photographs by having the contest last for two meetings (October and November). The photographs must be submitted no later than the start of the October general meeting.  Allowing for attendees to view and vote for “People’s Choice”.  After that they will be judged by the Panel of Judges.
  • The Judges will not award ribbons until the November meeting where all photographs will be prominently displayed again for the enjoyment of our members at the general meeting.
  • Photographs will be returned by mail to those who submitted photographs in October if they are not present to pick them up in November.

Tip:  Uncluttered backgrounds behind your epi bloom will allow a viewer to focus on you flower.  Minimizing or eliminating distractions in the background is not that hard to achieve. You can accomplish this easily by using flash photography in the late evening or by moving it to an uncluttered area prior to taking a picture.  You can also just place a sheet of dark paper behind it. 

My favorite way is instead of using a sheet of dark paper I use a car window sun shades. The cloth ones with a metal frame (example) they are silver on one side and black on the other.   They are lightweight enough that I use wooden clothes pins to clip them to an epi branch which holds them in place behind the bloom.

The best time for pictures is always in the the morning or evening.

Specific Contest rules

Your photographic right's when submitting photographs.

Categories are:

  1. Single flower
  2. Multi-flower
  3. Miscellaneous
  4. Epi Art (new category this year)

Awards and Miscellaneous information:

-  Ribbons (Blue-1st, Red-2nd, White-3rd), and honorable mention will be awarded in the Single Flower, Multi Flower and Epi Art categories. 

-  Honorable mention will be awarded in the miscellaneous category.

-  Ribbons may also be awarded for “People’s Choice” and “Judges’ Choice”. 

-  Winning photographs will be published in Epi News, Society’s website, and may be used in the Society’s social media and promotional material.

-  First place winners of the Single and Multi-flower categories will also be featured as a cover photograph of Epi News.