EPI PHOTO CARAVAN was held Sunday, May 26, 2019 and it was a fantastic event.  

The best way to promote next years event (2020) is to let you see what was done in 2019

Stops 1 and 2 - In the Point Loma area at a newer member's (Paula Reynolds) epie garden; then move on to “Garden Jewels Nursery’’ (Katie Lutz & Cheri Haimsohn). Where individuals were able to see and purchase some beautiful epies! Both gardens are beautiful, wonderful and creative.

Stop 3 – The next stop was in La Mesa. Jean Bonner & Ron Ashman have a yard full of palm trees, aloes, agaves and of course epies. Where they actually planted a few of their epis in the trees not just in pots.

Stop 4 – Was in Santee, at Marj & Bob Myers’ home. Bob was a founding member of SDES and Marj is also a long time member. There garden included a multitude of plants.  Over the years they have continued to update their lovely garden and it is really beautiful.

Stop 5 – In Scripps Ranch, the home of Sal & Ivette Castellitto. In the 3 years Sal has been a member he has collected over 150 epi plants & cuttings and built a 150 sq. foot shade house. Come and smell their roses and see their citrus trees.

Final Stop – Was at 4:30pm at the Seaside Buffet where we had a great dinner. Their theme was seafood but they also had a variety of other items so know one was without lots to eat.

We thank all of those who opened their gardens this year and remind everyone to keep their eyes and ears open for announcement of the 2020 Epi Photo Caravan as it will sellout quickly.