New Photo Gallery pictures have been posted for September, Enjoy.

San Diego Epiphyllum Society is holding it's monthly general meetings using ZOOM. Monthly meetings are open to everyone.  They are held 2 Wednesday of every month except December.  No general meeting  is held in December.  Click for sign in information .  Sign in information is updated the week of the meeting. 

This year SDES is holding a Virtual Photo Contest.  We did not give up we adapted and are having our yearly Epiphyllum photo contest online.  This may be even better as it gives everyone who wants to an opportunity to submit their epiphyllum photographs. Learn more.     

Use when submitting your photographs.

Have an interest in succulents?    Tom Glavich is a long-time grower of succulent plants is hosting a Webinar September 5th.  See the calendar for more information.

The San Diego Epiphyllum Society in person meetings are canceled until further notice.  Our meeting room, Casa Del Prado room 101, is currently scheduled to be closed through the end of the year.  Therefore, monthly meetings are being held using ZOOM. Members a week prior to the meeting, are provided  Zoom log-in information.