Welcome to the San Diego Epiphyllum Society (SDES).  This is our 50th year serving the community of Epiphyllum gardeners.

We are located in San Diego and are composed of an international group of hobbyists who enjoy growing and helping others grow what is commonly known as "epiphyllums" or "orchid cacti".  

We hold monthly meeting at 7:30pm on the second Wednesday of the month except for the month of December.  At 7:00pm prior to our monthly meeting, we hold a workshop where we provide information on the growing and maintaining of epiphyllums.   Visitors are welcome for either or both of these events.  Come and join us.

Through the efforts of members from our society, the San Diego Safari Park maintains one of the largest public displays of epiphyllums in the world. Some of the collection is displayed as part of the Safari Park “Epiphyllum Trail” exhibit.

 In the past the epiphyllum garden at Safari Park was displayed in a shade tent and only open from late spring through mid summer when the plants were in bloom. 

In 2017 - 2018 the display area underwent some changes and those changes remain a work in progress.  The changes are designed to better integrate the display into the park. We are confident these changes will provide visitors with a more enjoyable year around experience.  

The epiphyllums are now displayed along the Epiphyllum Trail walkway.  

This is a totally new way of displaying them and we expect there will be some growing pains related to how to best maintain the plants in this new configuration, but when completed it will provide a wonderful experience for visitors to Safari Park.

The garden will continue to exist because of the support of volunteers who donate their time year around.

SDES Members can access the "Members Only" pages of this website where you will find information, membership roster and other informative content exclusive to SDES members. After your membership has been processed you will be provided the membership password to access the Members Only pages. You must be a member in good standing of SDES to access the "Member Only".

In home gardens epiphyllums are easy to grow.  They come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colors. You may grow  them in small or large containers as hanging plants or in pots on the ground.

The plants require filtered light. This is most easily accomplished by hanging or placing them on shelves under patio covers, in trees or under shade cloth or lathe house.