SDES meets January through November on the second Wednesday* of the month, SDES conducts a business meeting where issues required to maintain a flourishing and dynamic society are discussed.  Additionally a pre-meeting workshop provides information on growing epiphyllum.  After the meeting a speaker provides a short presentation deemed to be of interest to SDES members and guests.  

All business meetings and workshops are held in Balboa Park in the Casa Del Prado building (workshop Room 104, business meeting room 101).

* Please check the calendar to confirm the meeting date. Sometimes we are requested to move to an different day of that week so that a special event may be staged.

Other reasons to attend monthly meetings

The monthly meeting provide a social time prior to and after the meeting where you will have a chance to meet new or old friends and ask questions about epiphyllums.​

If you are a first time guest you will receives a 4 inch potted plant to start or add to your epiphyllum collection.​

A plant and cutting raffle is held at the close of the meeting. Raffle tickets are 3 for $1.00 at the raffle table.  The raffle provides you a chance to expand your own collection of plants by tapping into one of the most extensive collections of epiphyllum in the USA. These plants come from the Safari Park collection or from member’s personal collections.

Typical Monthly meeting agenda

A pre-meeting workshop is held at 7:00pm. Workshop subjects deal with seasonal information to help you grow and maintain your plants. At this workshop you may request subjects for future workshops.

The business meeting starts at 7:30pm reports are provided from the elected officers and others dealing with specific SDES business issues.

When SDES business is concluded a presentation deemed to be of interest to our society members is presented.

Around 8:45pm the meeting ends with a plant and cutting raffle.

Wear your name tag to the meeting!

At the monthly meeting there is a raffle drawing for members that have worn their SDES name tags. Two gift certificate’s are raffled off for garden related products/supplies.

Name tags can be purchased at the meetings or from the store on the website.

Use the end of meeting plant and cutting raffle to expand your epiphyllum collection.