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Society websites SDES is associated with

South Bay Epiphyllum Society uses FaceBook for their activities and communication with their members guest are welcome.


 Links to sites that may be of interest to SDES members 

Gray/Davis Epiphyllum - USA 

Nursery is closed however the website remains open and providing information and picture galleries.

San Diego Botanic Garden -  San Diego CA (Quail Gardens)

Gardens represent fifteen different regions of the world as well as presenting twelve demonstration gardens.

Michel Combernoux's Blog/website - France (available in English)

Michel's current main interest is epiphyllum with double blooms.  His Blog/website over the years has covered  a number of subjects.

Rhipsalis and related species - USA

You can find most historical names cross-referenced to their currently accepted genus and species names with accurate cited information.


 Some California Epiphyllum Nurseries 

To be listed here the nursery must specialize in epiphyllums.

Pacific Epiphyllum Nursery  

Home Nursery located in Baldwin Park, Ca.

Mark Piette Epi Galleria Nursery

Home Nursery located Norco Ca

Garden Jewels Nursery  

Home Nursery located in Point Loma Ca.

If you are picking up your order in San Diego do not forget to ask for your SDES discount.  Must have and show your SDES badge to receive discount.

Chitra' Orchid Cactus

Accepts online orders only.  (located in the San Francisco Bay Area)

  • Email:  
  • Phone:   650 823 0667

 EPRIC has shipped cuttings to US customers numerous times.

Frank Supplie is a hybridizer whose epiphyllum blooms have been featured on SDES website's monthly Gallery and on SDES's Facebook account.  Shipping to the USA for up to 10 cuttings is approximately 10 to 11 Euros.

Cuttings may be ordered at  Make sure to read the purchasing limitations.

Have questions contact