Hi, we have just confirmed we will be hosting an online sale this year. We were not sure we wanted to go through all of the issues we had last year. However, people keep asking when it was going to happen. I guess they just assumed we would be having an online sale every year.

At the end of last year’s sale that was definitely not guaranteed. We are a volunteer organization and we definitely wore a lot of our volunteers out and they needed time to recuperate.

Some of you that made purchases last year had glimpses of some of the issues we had. Some did not realize that the day we opened we found that our postage printing system did not work as advertised and we had not counted on the volume of sales the first couple of days. We figured the sale would last a month and we almost sold out in two days. A call to our members resulted in additional material and we were able to keep things open but we did not make it a month.

We will be better prepared this year. We have key players lined up and are taking steps to have a smoother running program.

You will want to stay tuned for more information.

Now what most want to know. We have set an approximate date of late-May or early-June.

Stay tuned for more information.