Forgotten Epiphyllums:

Forgotten Epiphyllums are epiphyllums which we have not been able to locate a thriving plant through our normal research processes.  

As part of our mission to preserve epiphyllum hybrids, the collection at the Safari Park is interested in finding lost or forgotten epiphyllums. This is an ongoing project of the ESA Research Committee. This list is published in the interest of research. These epiphyllum hybrids have not been seen (displayed) in years.

If you are growing one of these hybrids, please let these gentlemen know as they both are in a possition to see that cuttings from these plants will again flourish: 

Jerry Moreau, SDES, (  

Robert Kuettle, ESA, ( ​

These gentlemen oversee the Southern California public epiphyllum display houses, Jerry, at the Safari Park in Escondido, CA and Robert, at the Pentico Collection at the Los Angeles County Arboretum in Arcadia, CA.

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