Epiphyllum Trails (Work Party).

2020-07-10 8:00 pm - 2020-07-09 1:00 am
San Diego Safari Park
Address: 15535 Rockwood Rd, Escondido, CA 92027, USA

The Safari Park's new Epiphyllum Trail display is located between Walkabout Australia and Condor Ridge. While the Park takes care of the daily care, SDES work parties are the primary source for the maintenance requirements for the epiphyllums. 

There are requirements you must meet to volunteer. You must be a member of SDES and have gone through the Volunteer Training program provided by the San Diego Zoo.  Click here for more information Volunteering at Epiphyllum Trail.

On designated Saturdays volunteers meet at the park to do all types of maintenance.  There is something for everyone to do that would like to assist in the maintenance of this epiphyllum collection.  

Jerry Moreau leads this effort and is normally there an hour before the scheduled start and as he says come anytime (early is better) stay as long as you desire and then leave.  During the summer time people normally start to leave around 12:00 as it begins to get a little warm in that part of San Diego county.

Water and snacks are always available and however are always invited to bring something to share with the other volunteers.