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17/05/2021 12:00 pm - 05/06/2021 12:00 pm

Hundreds of Epiphyllum hybrid cutting and 4 inch potted plants will be on sale. Along with a limited number of species and other epicacti will be available.

This year will will also try something different by offering a limited number of gallon size or larger plants for sale.  Because of their size the following terms apply to all gallon or larger plants sales:

  1. Pickup only from our warehouse in Escondido CA only.
  2. You will have 7 days from the day of purchase to pickup your plant from our warehouse or your order will be cancelled.
  3. Products from cancelled orders will be returned to stock. 
  4. Your money will be refunded after the plant is returned to stock.

Last years online sale had a tremendous response. Word has spread and there has been a lot of interest in this year’s sale by many people in the cactus and succulent communities across the country.

The Sale will last until sold out or until Noon on 5 June 2021.

Sorry we do not have an export license so all shipments must be to a USA address.