San Diego Epiphyllum Society Monthly General meetings

SDES to better serve our worldwide members and individuals that are interested in epiphyllums we are taking steps to place our Monthly General meetings on the internet. 
Our monthly general meetings have always been open to the public.  By webcasting them we are going to extend that opportunity to interested individuals worldwide.

Currently we are testing YouTube but expect to expand to other online formats as time and opportunity permits.

Our first attempt at recording will be the 9 March 2022 SDES General meeting.

If we are successful, our Facebook account will provide a link so you may view the March 2022 meeting at your convenience.

Our goal is to broadcast the meeting live, but it may take us a couple of months before this is established.

 If there are YouTube or FaceBook podcast expert and wish to donate a small amount of your time, please contact our webmaster at webmaster@sdepis.orgWe can use the help.

Our goal is to have a live broadcast on YouTube, FaceBook and our website.

Then to make it convenient for people to remotely attend our meetings, we would continue to have the meetings available for viewing for about three weeks.

There is always glitches in any plans, but we will get better as we become more familiar with the process.