Major Yearly Events 

The last update we have from the City of San Diego is the Casa del Prado will remain closed until the end of June 2020.  At that time the requirement for further closure will be evaluated.  

This has impacted our meeting and our Mother's Day flower and plant sales.  We are going to have a virtual flower show using our Facebook account on Mother's Day.  

We are preparing for a online plant and cutting sale in June.  Exact dates will be posted no later than 7 days prior to the event.

San Diego Epiphyllum Society Mother's Day Show & Sale

Our last Mother's Day event was great.  The planning for Mother's Day Weekend show and sale next year is coming coming along.

Plant and cutting sale will be as big as ever.  Which makes it one of the largest epiphyllum show and sales in the United States. 

The show is an annual event that is held every Mother's Day which is the heart of the epiphyllum blooming season.  The flower show provided a chance to view the beauty epiphyllum provide.  You will want to arrange your schedule you have a little time to visit this display Mother's Day weekend.

The Epi Photo Caravan is an event where 4 to 5 of our members invite you to visit, view and take pictures of their Epiphyllum gardens. Because of the nature of this event and to ensure everyone has an opportunity to enjoy it, the number of people on the caravan is limited.  The Caravan is normally held on Sunday in late April or early June there is a nominal cost as the event ends with a restaurant dinner.  Click here to see last years event schedule.

End of Summer Get together the blooming season is over as is most of the preparation for the up coming winter.  This is an event where members get together at someones home and where SDES provides the main course and members bring side dishes.  We all have a time to relax and talk with one another.  SDES awards the Rookie of the Year award and everyone has a relaxing time.

Holiday Dinner This is a great time to get out for a dinner amongst friends.  This is takes the place of the December meeting and is where the new officer are introduced.  Everyone has a chance to come casual of dressed for the Holidays their choice.  Good food and company what more an you ask for.