The Mother'd Day show will not be held this year.  Balboa Park's Casa Del Prado is closed for all events through May 2020.  

We will be hosting a virtual flower show using our Facebook account. We encourage you to post your epiphyllum bloom pictures and to view and enjoy other gardeners pictures. Everyone is always encouraged to post pictures of their registered epiphyllums blooms on the SDES Facebook account. 

We will offer cutting and 4" pots for sale online. This is for a limited time as  and is a replacement for the epithelium sales event.  Cutting sales will be limited to the USA as we have no way to ship directly overseas.  

The start of the online sale will be posted a minimum of 7 days prior to the start of the sale.

Last years Epiphyllum Society's Mother's Day Flower Show and Sale was a great success.  We are All looking forward to the Mother's Day weekend event next year.