Mothers Day Epiphyllum Plant and Cutting Sale Extravaganza

The Mother's Day sale provides you a chance to purchase plants and cuttings from everyone's favorites to some that are not available anywhere at any other time.  

This maybe your only chance to find that epiphyllum you have long wanted. You will want to make sure you mark this show and sale on your calendar.  

Come Saturday early for the best selection of plants. A good selection of cuttings is available through the weekend.

SDES Mother's Day weekend Sale times and location

Take advantage of this opportunity to shop for hard-to-find blooms that are not normally available in nurseries.

Our cuttings come from members and from SDES maintained epiphyllum gardens which allows us to have one of the largest epiphyllum plant and cutting selections at anyone time in the USA.

This shopping extravaganza offers you the opportunity to start or add to your collection at reasonable prices.

Have questions about epiphyllums?  There are always knowledgeable people on hand to answer your questions.