This is SDES 50th year so the Mother's Day Show theme is any of the past 50 year's themes.  Note: this also includes "No Theme" as the first three years the flower show did not have a theme. Please make sure your display title includes the name of the theme.

Help promote this years Mother's Day event by down loading the Mother's Day flyer and posting it anywhere you can. Click to view flyer.

List of Past Years Mother's Day Themes

There are many ways to be part of the Mother's Day show.  You can create a display, themed or non-themed, Large or small, a flower display or you could have an educational display.

Flowers will also be judge individually.

Do not forget about volunteering.  

We need volunteers to help with pre-show/sales planning, making cuttings. We also need volunteers for show days sale setup & take down, potluck for volunteers and more.  

Gretchen Ward is the mothers day chair, to help with this event or for more information, she and can be reached at

Many people venture to the Casa Del Prado on Mother's Day explicitly to purchase epiphyllum cutting and plants.  

A number are there just for something to do on Mother's Day and become impressed with the beauty of epiphyllums.  

Help people fall in love with epiphyllums become involved.  Do a display the theme is a way to add to the fun as figure out ways to display the blooms in a thematic setting that can really stretch you creativity and imagination.