Who's viewing this site?

Our viewers average 5 pages when they take a look at the website. While most are from the United Sates. However, individuals from over 50 countries visited the site last month.  We welcome everyone and are excited that we are able to help people grow and understand epiphyllums.

These are some of the countries where individuals have viewed our website multiple times; United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, Greece, India, Spain, Czechia, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden.

To our viewing public, we would like to know what you find interesting or even what you would like to see posted or question you would like answered.  Click to get in contact  with SDES president.

Keeping in mind some of the information you may be looking for is in the members only area. Partial list of information in the members only area; a library of all the Epi News newsletter sorted by date (1976 to present), Epi Care PDF documents, Links to other Epi information sites, List of Fragrant Epis, Soil nutrition information and much more.

SDES has a number of international members. International membership is at the single membership price of $15 per year.  With membership comes full access to our website including electronic delivery of the Epi News.  

Epi News is a monthly newsletter sent to all our members.  Epi News contains information on what is going on with the association along with information on how to care for your epiphyllum.  Click to open a complementary copy of a previous Epi News

We are alway looking for ways to improve the website, provide additional information that would be of interest to epiphyllum gardeners.  If you have some ideas please give us some feedback

And if you would like to share something about your interest in epiphyllums and even provide some pictures of your epiphyllums we would be excited to view them.

Send your emails to Gallery@sdepis.org.  Please include your location i.e. country and town only.