Oct - Nov Photography Contest 

Our yearly photo contest is will start  on the 2nd Wednesday of October and continue through the 1st Wednesday in November.  The Official winners  will be notified the following week.  

Basic Information:

Only members may enter in the "Single Bloom" and "Multi Bloom" categories of the contest.  The EpiArt and Miscellaneous categories are open to everyone.  

A team of judges will judge the photos.  Photo composition is important but not the only factor in judging.

Voting for "People Choice" in all categories is open to all who wish to take the time to vote. In recognition this website is viewed through out the United States and in 31 additional countries, we would like all of the people that view this website to have an opportunity to vote for "Peoples Choice".  

Purple denotes links  that are not active until the 2nd Wednesday of October when all of the entries have been submitted.

The rules for voting for "Peoples Choice" are:

  • Votes must be received between 2nd Wednesday of October  through the 1st Wednesday of November  
  • You are not required to be a member of SDES to vote
  • You may only vote once in each category 
  • You must use the official web voting email (accessed by clicking "Vote for your favorites
  • Your web address will be used to verify you only voted once 
  • Your email address will not be used for any other purpose and will not be retained or store after the completion of the contest.
  • When you judge the Epi Art category  make sure to take into account how well the photograph's name relates to the photograph as that is one of the judging criteria.
  • When judging the different photographs make sure to record the photographs number as that will be be used when you cast your vote.

Click to view this years entries in the Single Bloom category enjoy.  

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