The Annual October - November 2020 photography contest is  starting.

It is time for a call out to all that take pictures of epiphyllums.  I'm guessing that includes all of us epiphyllum growers and a few that just enjoy the blooms.

Your epis showed their best in late spring, take a photograph of them. I know a number of you used your camera to capture some pictures and if you are a member you are eligible to enter them into our photography contest.  

This year because of COVID-19 we will be using the internet as a vehicle for our photography contest.


This is the countdown to the date photographs must be submitted (9 October 2020) .  The contest judging starts the 2nd Wednesday in October and runs through the 1st Wednesday in November. The results will be displayed the following week. 

Click for Virtual Contest Rules.

Click for review your Photographic Rights when submitting photographs.

When sending your photographs please use your normal email provider and attaching your photographs. Ensure the total size of each email is less than 8 megs.  Use when submitting your photographs.

Tips for taking flower pictures

Specific Contest rules

Categories are:

  1. Single flower
  2. Multi-flower
  3. Epi Art
  4. Miscellaneous

Awards and information: 

-  Ribbons (Blue-1st, Red-2nd, White-3rd), and honorable mention will be awarded in the Single Bloom, Multi-Bloom and Epi Art categories.
-  Ribbons (Blue) be awarded for “Peoples' Choice” and “Judges’ Choice”.

-   Honorable Mention will be awarded to Miscellaneous

-   All categories will be legible for Peoples Choice and best in Show awards.

-  Winning photographs will be published in Epi News, Society’s website, and may be used in the Society’s social media and promotional material.

-  First place winners of the Single  and Multi-flower categories will also be featured as a cover photograph of Epi News.

-  For more information and to view 2020 contest entries when they are posted click here .

-  To view 2019 winning  photographs click here .