Volunteering at the San Diego Safari Park "Epiphyllum Trail" has a number of personal benefits besides helping to maintain the San Diego Epiphyllum Society Safari Park "Epiphyllum Trail"


Each volunteer has free admission to both the Safari Park and the Zoo, plus free parking at the Safari Park.

Volunteers receives one free admission ticket (good for anyone) for every 25 hours volunteered, limited to 6 tickets per-year.

Volunteers receive discounts at restaurants, gift shops, and for tours, overnights and other special experiences at the Safari Park and the Zoo.

How to

If you want to just volunteer in the Epiphyllum Trail area you should indicate that this is your interest. You must be a member of the San Diego Epiphyllum Society to volunteer for the Epiphyllum Trail.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Epiphyllum Trail volunteer process is slightly shortened than the San Diego Zoo and/or Safari Park volunteer process.

Start the Process

Interested in seeing how to become involved? Click "Volunteer" that will take you to a San Diego Page and about 3/4 of the way down you will see "Apply Online Now". This page will also provide you with a phone number.