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The members only password has changed. You will find the password in the email that provided the March Newsletter. 

Epiphyllum Bloom Catalog

Janice Wakefield has supported SDES in many ways through the years and this catalog is one of her creations.  

The catalog is provided to assist you in selecting plants or cutting you would like to add to your garden. This catalog is not searchable at this time. To assist you in finding a named flower, it is divided into alphabetize sections.

We are always attempting to improve the catalog by adding to it and improving bloom pictures.  If you have a better picture or a picture of a bloom not shown email me.

Virtual online Library augments SDES library maintained at Casa Del Prado

The Virtual online Library provides access to past and current San Diego Epiphyllum Society newsletters (EpiNews), SDES By-Laws, Membership Roster and articles that are deemed of significant interest or importance to our members.  

Through the efforts of Eddie Huey we also have a link to the South Bay Epiphyllum monthly newsletters (SBES Epi-Grams). 

  • San Diego Epiphyllum Society Bylaws and Standing Rules
  • South Bay Epiphyllum Society Epi-Gram Archive
  • San Diego Epiphyllum Society EpiNews Archive
  • San Diego Epiphyllum Society Membership Roster (helps us all keep in touch)
  • San Diego Epiphyllum Society Elected Officers and Volunteer email list
  • Off season Bloomer (want some blooms all year long plant some of these)
  • Fragrant Epiphyllums (most are not but these are)
  • Listing of current and past San Diego Hybridizers (know someone you is not listed? let us know)

Epiphyllum Gardening Tips 

This area will continue to grow as time allows experts in the field to compile more information on these subjects.

Most of the information will be provided in easy to download PDF files for members conveniences in downloading.

This is an ever expanding library area currently covering the following subjects:

  • Recovering Unreadable Names on Plant Sticks
    • A trick that sometime allows you to read what was once unreadable
  • Scoop on Fertilizers
    • Learn more about fertilizers
  • Epiphyllum Gardening
    • How to prepare epiphyllum cuttings
    • Growing epiphyllum form seeds
    • Harvesting epiphyllum seeds
    • Reposting epiphyllums
  • Do Epiphyllum Bloom Better After a Cooler Winter?
    • A reprint of a 2007 discussion at South Bay Epiphyllum  Society as printed in their News Gram.
  • What's Wrong with my Epiphyllums?
    • The goal is to help you identify issues your plants are having and what you can do to correct those issues

Web Friendly Past General Meeting Presentations 

Part of our monthly meeting time is devoted to a presentation that the Board deems of interest to our members.
Not all of these presentations are web friendly.
Those that are are available here.

A considerable number of our presentations are designed for audience participation.  These types of presentations are not considered Web Friendly and therefore are not available here. When the presentations are website friendly they will be posted online.
When you click on the presentation the time it requires to load it is dependent on your internet connection not this website's speed.  Once it is down loaded it will play independent of your download speed. 
  • Old & Forgotten or New & Exciting Epiphyllums
  • Women Epiphyllum Hybridizers Part 1 San Diego and Australia
  • Women Epiphyllum Hybridizers Part 2 Los Angels and beyond