Welcome to SDES Epi Online Sale 

The actual store pages may be viewable from time to time as we are conducting tests.

Until the start of the sale the Epi Hybrid shopping pages will not be active . They will not accept credit card or allow you to make purchases. 

The annual online sale of Epi Hybrid plants and cutting is scheduled to start at on 17 May 2021 at noon Pacific Time. 

The store will include ESA Registry information and a photograph of the plant when available. This information is provided to aid you in researching the plants being offered to you for purchase.

Besides a large number of cutting available there are a large number of 4 inch potted plants and a few gallon plants available. Because of there size all gallon plants are pickup only at our Escondido warehouse.  Sale of gallon plants will be limited to individuals living in  San Diego County.